The term Short Message Service (SMS) refers to the ability of sending and receiving text messages via mobile phones. Thus, for companies that prefer to advertise businesses via sms, they can easily resort to using provide easy solution to send sms messages to mobile phones and also pagers. With rapid developments of sms technology, Your company can now easily distribute/send either single message or according to a distribution list that contains thousands of numbers with the ability to reach worldwide customers. Each message content is limited up to 160 ascii characters only.

A lot of advantages to go mobile marketing

What are the advantages of using bulk sms and Whatsapp gateway instead of resorting to the traditional methods such as advertising on publication materials or send e-newsletter? Bulk sms Whatsapp gateway is much more powerful, cheap and also reliable. For business starters, you can decide and pick the best companies to deliver your sms. You may pick from a web based product or bulk sms and Whatsapp solution (PC software) that installs into your database.

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